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General Instructions
When selecting fabrics please remember to use pink, purple, or flowered fabrics for items inteded for girls and blue for boy items. Do not mix girl and boy fabrics in a single item. Green, orange and yellow can be used for either gender.
Wash and Dry all fabric before cutting.
Be sure to check grain and stretch markings on the patterns.
Make final check of finished item:
  1. Clip and remove any threads.
  2. Check all seams for secure stitching. Run your hand into the legs of sleepers to check seams.
  3. Make certain all serger tails have been secured.
  4. Check all snaps to be sure they are secure and snap properly.
  5. Most Important Check! Ask yourself, "Would I put this item on my child or my grandchild?"


Sewing/Serging Patterns

Patterns are for non-commercial use only.
Patterns are in PDF format and require Adobe
Acrobat Reader.
Print patterns out with no scaling.
Each pattern piece requires multiple pages. Align the pages by matching the hash marks as directed.
There is a 2 inch square on each pattern. You should check the size to be sure patterns are being printed accurately.

Items sewn on regular sewing machine

bib 2024
quilt 2024
Quilt as you go 2014
diaper shirt 2024 (sewing machine)

Items sewn on either regular sewing machine or serger

fabric hat 2024
Large unlined Tote bag 2024
large lined tote bag 2024
small tote bag 2024
changing pad 2024
receiving blanket 2024

Items sewn on serger (overcast machine)

gown 2024
sleeper 2024
lap front shirt 2024
two piece sleeper (pjs) 2024
diaper shirt with detailed instructions 2014 (serger)
washcloth 2024
creeper 2024
fleece sleepsack 2024


Crocheting and Knitting Patterns- 

The patterns listed below were suggested by our volunteers. Other patterns may be used as long as the item produced meet the following guidelines.

afghan guidelines 2024
 Sweater specifications 2024

Knitted and crocheted hats should be made loose enough to have some stretch so they can fit snuggly.
They should be 14 inches in diameter and six inches long when finished.
They should be nine inches long if they are to be turned up for a brim.
Hats should not have pom-poms.

Knitted Items

EasyBabyBlanket 2024

Knitted afghans 2024

Raglan knit sweater 2014

Easy Raglan sweater 2024

TS 5 Hour Baby Sweater 2017
       3 ply yarn
       4 ply yarn

Jiffy sweater 2024

Bibi Baby Jacket 2024

Fantasy Baby sweater 2024


Knitted caps and booties 2024

Cuddle bug hat 2014

 Socks and Booties

Easy Booties 2014

tube sox 3 ways 2024
Booties co40 2014
Socks 2014

Simple Socks 2022

Baby Socks 2024

Crocheted Items


Sideways Shell Afghan 2024

Diagonal Strip Afghan 2024

Crocheted Baby Sweater 2024

Crochet sweater 2024

Shell stitch sweater 2024


Crocheted caps and booties 2024


Baby socks - crochet 2023



About Us:

Tiny Stitches, Inc. is an organization that provides blankets, layettes, and other hand made baby bedding to families in need with newborn babies. Tiny Stitches, Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) organization, so all donations are tax deductible.

Contact Information:
Tiny Stitches, Inc.
P. O. Box 254
Suwanee, GA 30024-0254

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